How long ?
8 years ago
Berlin, Germany

how long i have to wait for a verification ?


The only active mod (PotatoBacon) seems to not be a mod anymore, not sure why though.

Someone should request to be a mod here :

Arizona, USA

I requested to be one. If I get approved I would like to split up the category's to each class ( ng monk, ng DH, etc...)

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Västra Götaland, Sweden

I like your idea ImmortalChamp! I approve of this, let's hope we can get a active mod soon! :)

Massachusetts, USA

Thats an awesome idea! i hope you get mod

Arizona, USA

yeah people won't run any other class besides monk other wise, glad you guys agree


Well, I'm running DH. And I already wanted to post resulsts. But with DH subcategory it will be better, sure :)

Västra Götaland, Sweden

Grats on becoming mod Immortal! :)

Massachusetts, USA

Grats on becoming mod Immortal!

Arizona, USA

@hihaq I would move all current runs to there perspective categorys so you wouldn't have to worry.

Also thanks guys. If you all could go check out the new forum post I made it would be awesome. In a couple days ill post a Tips/Tricks thread , for speeding and anyone will be able to post thier tips and it will be a long list of helpful things people can do to optimize thier runs

Also added the background img and changed the logo in the top left and added a Favicon for the Tab at the top of your browsers :)

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