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9 years ago

Feel free to ask any questions that you may have about Diablo 3 :)

Aichi, Japan

Why does everyone in the videos fight against Manglemaw? Is that necessary for the run? I mean, it is possible to go through the door without killing him. Of course it is just a few seconds that it takes to kill him, but isn't faster better?


@Geshode He does provide a decent chunk of XP when killed and getting dashing strike ASAP is very good.


Greetings fellow runners.

My first question here is not directly about Diablo and its content, but rather about submitting a video. Some people are very strict about this and SDA for instance, if I'm not mistaken, wants a clean video with only in game video/audio recording.

I've watched some of your runs and, thankfully, it seems that at least a visible split program and audio commentary is allowed. However (and now to my question) I'm wondering if you guys would be okay with further overlay and also other background music than the one in game? Since I'm using OBS for streaming to twitch as well as recording it would be kind of nice, at least for myself. :)

Kind regards /rakv

Georgia, USA

Pardon the salt, but why are the rules batshit insane? No followers makes no goddamned sense and being able to pause the timer? Ludicrous, man.


@rakv All i need to see is time and gameplay. Having extra music or overlay is compeltely up to you.

@Jamesborg99 The rules were made to avoid any possible cheating and making it fair for everyone.

United States

I too thought the rules were kind of weird. All the things that can be affected by other characters/files like the stash and craftable item unlocks make sense to not be able to use them for NG runs. but why cant followers be used? also it seems odd to have timer rules about pausing the timer. last i knew you should never pause the timer in runs. only reason a timer should be paused (which I can see this going both ways) is if an unexpected crash/hardlock occurs. and my last thought is on difficulty. so what if someone wants to raise the difficulty later. as far as I know it really isnt worth it for speed, but so what if someone wants an EXP boost, it's something you can do on your first play.

São Paulo, Brazil

Hi, I've picked interest in this, made a test run last night and ended with 3h10. I would like to know if there are any glitches or major skips, and where I can gather that info. Thanks in advance.

Georgia, USA

No glitches, really. It is a semi-competitive(Greater Rift leaderboards and Hardcore) Blizzard game, after all.

Skips, though, you can run past several quest objectives and the game will be like "Oh, yeah, you did that!" The ones that immediately jump to mind are running past Kormac to his gear(while he's being chained up) in Act 1 and running past the Lacuni in act 2 that are chasing some Iron Wolves and Refugees. Additionally, spacebar is the default to skip dialogue/cutscenes/etc and it has some application in bosses. Again, the one thing that jumps to mind is Belial's phase 2 to 3 transformation.

EDIT: Still would like an explanation as to why pausing the timer isn't cheating, but followers are.


Diablo 3 doesn't have any hacks or cheats, and if there is they will be easy to spot. It would not be cool to have a 2h+ run fail due to having to quickly do something you weren't expecting. This is why there the rules explain what to do and when incase you need to pause. The follower rule was made incase pausing is required, to make the process of continuing gameplay easier. Followers don't have skills that increase speed and the do very little damage compared to the Nephalem, so the lack of followers doesn't change the actual time that much.

If everyone seems to want followers, then we can look into allowing them.

Georgia, USA

Followers would be nice, yes please. :D

They do provide a few nice utility things(Kormac's healing/resource regen and Eirena's/Lyndon's damage buffs and crowd control). Plus, for the demon hunter runs, you can hand off gear to him. :D

Hi All. I am new to speedrunning and really want to start with this game. I watched a bit of mudcat's video and just wanted to dive in and try act 1. I got it in just under an hour on my first try. This is going to be addicting I can see.

My question is, is there any thought of expanding the types of runs to include level 1-70 runs? When first thinking of running the game, I figured this would be a category. Any thoughts on this?


The addition of a 1-70 run would be possible. The rules though would be quite similar as the current one has.

Oregon, USA

This forum is pretty dead but thought I'd ask a few questions. Firstly I would just like to suggest a strategy thread so people can discuss whatever they find works. Now my actual question relates to strategy, do you guys find it faster to play on hard until level 9 then move it down to normal so you have Dashing Strike earlier? Or do you guys find that playing on normal the entire time is faster?


I'll add a strategy section and as for your question I think that in the end it doesn't make a difference. Starting on hard takes a little longer and gives you dashing at an earlier part of the game. Mostly it will come down to which enemies you actually kill and which you skip. Playing on hard for too long does affect your time though so you want to be sure to switch it back down quite early.

New York, USA

I wanted to do a run of this game but don't have software to record. What do I do?


@dylan8915 make sure to check out the resources section on the top bar of the page. There you can find software for recording and timing. OBS is a simple recording tool that many people use.

New York, USA

I'm using console for my run


@dylan8915 i suggest using google to find a solution. i have no experience on recording with consoles.

New York, USA

will i be able to submit a run without a video?