Modded Gear issue on Console Edition
3 years ago
Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Hey Runners, Pokeytoe got a hint on reddit about the Console Any% NG+ Runs of G-Money876 using Modded Gear. After several Hours of gathering Evidence Garfm, Pokeytoe and myself are convinced that G-Money876 used Modded Gear in 6 out of his 7 PBs. We 3 can't explain how he got at least 4 Legendary Gem effects at the same time without changing items. The only way to do that is to use modded gear (Amulets and Rings) that can fit more than 1 Gem. Because of that we remove all runs except the NG+ Wizard run where we can't say that he used Modded Gear. We will not ban G-Money876 because his 1-70 console runs looks legit. If G-Money876 can explain it we will re verify the runs in question. Because of this we clarified the rules for console NG+ runs. 2 new rules were added: 5. Modded Gear is not allowed 6. You have to show your Gear after the run.

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