Hey guys new mod here :)
8 years ago
Arizona, USA

Guys wanted to let everyone know I'm working on approving all the runs that currently need approved.

And have a Question for everyone that runs, Would you guys be okay with making category for each class meaning ng acts 1-5(monk, Dh, WD, Barb, Crusader, Wizard). If I can get 10 People to say this would be good i'll change it. :)

Västra Götaland, Sweden

+1 for the separate categories for each class. Since it's 99.9% monks in the list and its kinda boring! :P

I would also like if we had a category with Movement Speed from Paragon Points. I believe that everyone who runs the game today has enough points to get 25% movement speed. We can call it "PMS%"! ;)

Berlin, Germany

nice :D gz and have a lot of fun <3


Congrats, Immortal!

As I'm trying desperately to make my DH run without getting disconnected from battle.net (thanks to "scheduled" maintenance), I would really appreciate subcategories for classes )

Czech Republic

Yes please!

Massachusetts, USA

please make multiple category's

Arkansas, USA

I approve the multiple categories too. Would it also be applied to Consoles too?

Arizona, USA

@Rongaryen if there is a demand currently next to none console runners, so If people take interest in running console ill add it for them.

sounds like everyone likes the class Categories so tonight ill add them and move runs to there correct spots.

Arizona, USA

New Categorys are up enjoy everyone

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Massachusetts, USA

Hey can you do the same for console?