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Thanks to Canight, we have a practice rom for CV2 that shows Simon's Y Subpixel value in real time. Tested it and it works on my Everdrive fine with the subpixel value listed on the top-right corner of the screen. Someone will have to test to make sure it works on Powerpak just to be 100% safe. Have fun experimenting with floor drop setups!

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Adding in the controls so they don't get lost in the discord:

From Select Menu:
Left = Upgrade Whip
Up = Add 100 Hearts
Right = Increase Level
Down = Reset Hearts
A = Refill Health
B = Change Day/Night

From Start Menu:
A While in Top Row = Fill all items in the top row
A While in Bottom Row = Fill all items in the bottom row
B = Cycle through White / Blue / Red Crystals


Kudos to Canight for getting a bunch of guys playing again!