Practice Rom Available
4 years ago
Arizona, USA

Thanks to Canight, we have a practice rom for CV2 that shows Simon's Y Subpixel value in real time. Tested it and it works on my Everdrive fine with the subpixel value listed on the top-right corner of the screen. Someone will have to test to make sure it works on Powerpak just to be 100% safe. Have fun experimenting with floor drop setups!

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Adding in the controls so they don't get lost in the discord:

From Select Menu: Left = Upgrade Whip Up = Max Hearts (256) Right = Increase Level Down = Cycle Display (Y Subpixel, Simon's X Coordinate, Simon's Y Coordinate, Frame Counter) A = Change Day/Night B = Refill Health

From Start Menu: A While in Top Row = Fill all items in the top row A While in Bottom Row = Fill all items in the bottom row B = Cycle through White / Blue / Red Crystals

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Pennsylvania, USA

Kudos to Canight for getting a bunch of guys playing again!


I updated the resources upload with the latest version of the patch (V3) Use LunarIPS to patch the US rom.

In addition to the subpixel you can also view Simon's X and Y coordinates, have a framecounter (resets if you cycle through again and doesn't count during pauses or menus) You cycle through the different value by pressing down during the select pause. Due to the framecounter taking up more graphic space, when it is active you will be able to see Simon's legs when he walks through swamp areas. Some other places too but it shouldn't be an issue.

For low% lovers we also now have boss hp when a boss is active. Useful for Dracula practice.

Also triv if you could edit your post regarding the controls, I believe B/A is swapped for the day/night switch and health refill. Also I believe Select and Up now maxes you out on hearts to 256 instead of adding 100.

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Connecticut, USA

I only have a retropie to use for practicing and it works on that.

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