Was it a get Golden Dagger tutorial there?
1 year ago

I was trying the Big 20 objective and I remeber Burb got something. Is not as easy as it looks, because I missed the Holy Water, so I couldn't buy new Whip. So Death destroyed me. And you only need one Oak Stake. So you try to go fast, but drawback is things could be more dangeorous.

I appreciete if somobody knows something about this, thanks.


It's been a few years, but if I remember correctly the route is this:

Lizard Grind. Buy white crystal and holy water. Go east towards Aljiba, taking top route and skipping chain whip. Get blue crystal. Rover mansion. Buy oak stake and get heart. Back west towards river, equip heart for ferryman to take you to Brahms. Kill death with holy water glitch.

You only need 50 hearts after the initial grind for the oak stake in rover. Just don't game over before that point.

After that, utilize a lot of damage boost or jump over enemies whenever possible, as they will take too many hits to kill with leather whip. Game over and death abuse is fine after rover as hearts are no longer needed.

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I was trying to kill Death with just the basic Whip, was impossible for me. Don't know if an expert on the game has killed Death in this way.

Does Holy Water glitch can be done by luck or is a specic way needed?

Thanks Burb for the amazing explanation.

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I made this tutorial for the knife% big20 objective for CV2.

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