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Good question.

Hmm, I don't know, I don't think they should be treated as bosses (they are more like minions, weaker than bosses).
I mean, I feel like only the King Dice is a boss.

Maybe we should just consider Soul Contracts?
Bosses = Receives the soul contract after killing the boss..

Or maybe only the stages where we can select the difficulty: Simple / Regular / Expert. I think the "difficulty selection" is what the game treats as a boss.


Yeah, I wouldn't count the roulette "bosses" as bosses at all. It's way too easy to accidentally skip one anyway


Re: a no hit category, if it wouldn't scrub the run, wouldn't it just be simpler to make it "all A+/S rank?" The only real difference between the two would be the parry requirements.

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I've been practicing with an all stages run - basically fresh file and do every stage. Bosses, Mausoleum, and run & guns.

Feels like the best way to experience and run the entire game.

As well - thinking we should separate Xbox vs PC? In some cases i'm seeing almost a 6x a long load time for Xbox.


Would the load remover not work for Xbox? Not sure of the technical details behind it


Since you can do split-screen co-op but without an actual partner, it might be a good idea to add a one player two controllers category (1p2c). Idk if it could make the game that much faster but it might be an interesting enough category that people would be interested in.


We can barely handle the weapon swapping for 1 player as it is. Also co-op isn't looking like it'll be any faster than solo categories due to boss HP scaling accordingly.

A lot of people seem to want a 'no weapon swap' category but other than that, I really don't think the leaderboards need more categories. Not until people actually run them. I won't lie, I hope people will stick to the current ones. They're good cats, Bront. :^)


Hey guys, what about Pacifist run?


Pacifist only applies to platforming stages; you still have to fight bosses. Some kind of hypothetical high% could include them, though.


Hey guys, i'm just curious as to what's going on with the run records for individual levels. Last night the WR for Forest Frollies was 35 seconds, I managed to get 36 and when I woke up today half the runs were removed and some of the runs had been moved into the Rugged Ridges section, along with my submission. Neither of my runs have been confirmed either but it seems someone is removing the runs? The WR now is listed as 40 seconds and multiple people clearly had that beat.



One of the moderators just got back to me, they said they were doing board maintenance and it should be back up within the day.


All bosses - Regular added, thanks guys!