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Is there a way to see the video of a run for when it was reviewed? I was 1st place in No Major Glitches in the loadless:no category, but someone’s run recently got reviewed that beat mine by 4 minutes. I am super curious how they beat me by so much, but the run doesn’t show the video. It was done about a year ago, but reviewed a couple weeks ago. Am I just going to have to wonder forever how they did it? Haha. 🙂 (btw, it’s BBAonThePrius’ run for 34m 12s)

EDIT: I guess that run doesn't even show up in the main list because it's obsolete. But it shows up when you filter for loadless:no.


No dice, you should try your luck and ask the user who submitted for the video.


Loadless No Major Glitches runs are usually about 2 minutes faster than a run with loads, you can check the loadless runs in the 32/33 minutes range if you are looking for something similar to his run