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This thread is for people to come together and discuss ideas for skips or introduce skips you have already​found.


Acorn Maker skip in Forest Follies

Cagney Carnation Quick Kill/Freeze

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Not quite sure how this happened, but here's a quick kill on the Crane


I wouldn't call this skip major, but I think it's possible it could be used elsewhere. I just haven't had the time to try anything else with it.

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Another quick kill on the Cigar

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Nothing major, but you can skip the mini boss at the end of Treetop Trouble with Smoke Grenade.

Edit: Got me and my horrible execution a 0:59 Treetop Trouble. (Without collecting coins.)

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i think this is a big skip, i'm only mash the start button after create a new game, this can send you to world 2 and 3


Hey guys I just found something in Treetop Trouble that may or may not be a skip. This worked for two player, maybe it could be done in one player as well.
During the first segment of the stage when you are inside the horizontal tree trunk, if one of the players dies and the other player revives him just as the dying player is about to hit the ceiling, both players get warped above the ceiling and can walk on top of the tree trunk. It is possible to get to the end of this segment like this. The only thing that has to be avoided are the big birds as their hitbox spreads above the holes from which they attack you.
This also might be possible in other levels, I haven't tested it.


Somehow managed to load into the wrong save file.

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I have something that might be useful for all bosses; if you press the dash with the right timing in after you skip the opening, you can get near elder kettle, and dash behind him, at which point you can skip his normal dialogue, and exit. It spawns you right next to forest follies. The main reason I don't just pause and exit to map is because when i do that I can't talk to the apple guy, and get the coins for the 2 weapons I need for the run. (Also how do I get the clips to play from this page? I have no idea.)

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Is that consistent? will it always spawn you at Forest Follies? Also do you know if you play a file with that skip does it actually create a save file (there are other skips that don't create save files that work similar to that one)

If so I think it would be a good skip...

Also, I was having the same issue with the guys with the 3 coins, in my case I noticed I was soft locking due to pressing "B" en the conversation with him (right after he gives his coins to me) instead of the intended button "A" in my case (I had bombs in B ) so not sure if that is reason why you softlock at him.

PS: I also have no idea how do clips play directly in the forum.

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As far as consistency of execution, I personally cna't do it consistently, but I'm also really new to this whole speedrunning thing Sometimes it makes a save, sometimes it doesn't. But I've done it like 10 times, and it always puts me 2 steps down and to the right of forest follies. I should also note that every time I've done it I spawned at forest follies with 3 coins. I don't think it's loading the wrong save, because I've done it with all empty saves. I got from start of game to the end of forest follies in about a minute with it. It's really difficult, and after further testing, you HAVE to string three dashes perfectly together to get the skip. I don't always pull it off, but when I've gotten the dialogue skip it's ALWAYS put me there.