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Is it allowed to submit the same run for multiple categories? I noticed, for example, that I think my run under the All Bosses category would be valid for the No Major Glitches category as well. Can I submit my All Bosses run under the No Major Glitches category?


Yeah, you can, but only if you don't use any major glitches.

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Si es aceptable, he visto varios jugadores que suelen enviar no sólo en AB, sino que en otras categorías tambien. Siempre y cuando las reglas de las categorías se adapten a tu speedrun.

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A good rule of thumb is that all valid NMG runs are valid 1.1+ runs. But not all valid 1.1+ runs are valid NMG runs. So running on 1.2, avoiding beppi skip and avoiding Luigi Swaps pretty much keeps it valid for both categories for the most part.

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