[Info] Current Any% / All Bosses Legacy Route

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Don't forget to activate the Loadless script in LiveSplit! Do this by writing "Cuphead" as the game name in the Splits Editor and then clicking the Activate button for the Load Remover/Autosplitter.

World 1
● Load House -> Exit to Map
● Talk to Apple for 3 Coins
Run n' Gun: Forrest Follies (5 coins)
● Purchase Weapons (Roundabout and Lobber)
● Equip Weapons
Boss: The Root Pack
Boss: Ribby and Croaks
Boss: Goopy Le Grande
● Interact with Aerial Tutorial -> Exit to Map
Boss: Hilda Berg
Boss: Cagney Carnation

World 2
Boss: Baroness von Bon Bon
● Interact with NPC to gain Bombs
Boss: Wally Warbles
Boss: Djimmi the Great
Boss: Beppi the Clown
Boss: Grim Matchstick

World 3
Boss: Rumor Honeybottoms
Boss: Dr. Kahl's Robot
Boss: Sally Stageplay
Boss: Werner Werman
Boss: Captain Brineybeard
Boss: Cala Maria
Boss: Phantom Express

World 4
Boss: King Dice (Fast Order: 2->4->safe->9->FIN ,Safer Order: 2->4->safe->8->safe->fin)
Boss: The Devil
● All Bosses: Select No
● Any%: Select Yes