[Info] Version differences

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Cuphead version differences:

1.0 (Legacy)

-The weapon swap glitch is present.
-Charge shot's charge resets after a parry.
-You can exit to map before the Elder Kettle's opening speech.
-Hilda Glitch can be performed.
-Hilda Berg's fight has an off-screen hitbox down at the center.
-Cagney Carnation can be frozen in two separate ways (one by dashing into him at a specific time during the boomerang/carrots attack, one by dealing a precise amount of damage at the right time)
-Baroness Von Bon Bon most of the times gains invincibility for a while if her gunshot attack is triggered.
-Djimmi The Great's fight has an off-screen hitbox down at the center.
-Beppi The Clown's fight has an off-screen hitbox to the left.
-Grim Matchstick's phase 1 hitbox lingers off-screen for a few seconds to the right during the phase transition.
-Grim Matchstick doesn't have a hitbox on his necks during phase 2 and 3, meaning it's possible to go behind him without getting hit.
-Dr. Kahl's Robot can be quick killed during phase 1.
-Sally Stageplay's fight has an off-screen hitbox above the screen to the left.
-Cala Maria's petrifying gaze in phase 2 doesn't work if you're close to her.
-The Phantom Express fight has a potential softlock after phase 3.
-Phear Lap's presents block bullets.
-Monkey Skip can be performed.
-The Devil's fight has an off-screen hitbox to the left and one above the screen (either at the center above the throne or on the last position the spider was in before the end of the attack).


-All of the above is not true.
-Items can be unequipped.
-The HP bonus section on the results screen doesn't drop below 3 unless your HP gets below 3 OR you take damage before getting a health bonus on King Dice's fight (this means heart and twinheart charms can allow for S ranks even after taking one or two hits respectively)
-Grim Matchstick is invincible at the start of phase 2 until he opens his mouth.
-Some of the bullets in Dr. Kahl's Robot's phase 3 are parriable.
-Some of the fireballs from Cala Maria's red fish attack are parriable, and so are some of the eels' bullets in phase 2.
-The parriable olives in Tipsy Troop's fight are visually distinguishable from the non-parriable ones.
-Pause buffering during The Devil's phase 2 transition behaves a bit differently from Legacy (more specifically you don't get enough forward momentum to reach the middle platform).


-Ledge clipping is impossible.
-The lobber glitch (where a lobber Ex can deal double or triple damage when splashed on the ground) is partially fixed. The cloud's hitbox deals 1x damage (instead of 2x damage like in the previous versions), and hitting the Ex right in between a hitbox and a floor now deals 2x damage (instead of 3x).
-Some bosses had some of their hitboxes changed.
-The skeleton in the Phantom Express takes longer time in-between cycles.
-Loading times are generally much shorter.
-Three bosses have alternate phases that can be activated by performing specific tasks within their fight, namely The Root Pack, Djimmi The Great and Sally Stageplay.

For platform-specific differences:

GOG: Monkey skip cannot be performed on 1.0.

Mac: the 1.0 version is not available.

Switch: The 1.0 and 1.1 versions are not available.