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I see there's an external website.

Where are the rules?

Is there an API?

Does it keep reliable backups?

Do the operators claim copyright over the submitted data?


I'm mostly just a fan, so if runners want to use that site, more power to them. But as a fan, I like being able to use tools to graph world record progressions across different games, for fun and to compare the progress of myself and my friends. I mostly trust Pac to keep reliable backups for the future/archiving, instead of worrying about the entire history disappearing one day. I also keep my own backups using the API, in case Pac messes up. There are lots of tools with interop. That's why I am disappointed when a community I'm following makes a different choice, even if it is the right choice for them. 🙁


These kinds of questions are best answered by asking the community directly, links in this thread:


I don't believe a lot of the TTers use this site very often so you'll likely get a quicker response that way

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