Time Trial Community & Leaderboards
4 years ago
United Kingdom

Hello speed friends. For those interested in playing time trials and being involved with the CTR:NF TT community, there's a dedicated website, leaderboard and Discord server created by the original CTR community:

Website: https://crashteamranking.com/ Discord: https://discord.gg/hkBPZNN

There's also forums, lobbies and competitions!

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What will be the use of the Level Leaderboard here in that case? Will it be removed similar to OG CTR or will we have two leaderboards storing the same information?


The website even has spedrun leaderboards, making this ultimately obsolete?

United Kingdom

I believe the speedrun leaderboards exist as a temporary provision but the main focus is TTs. Don't want to take speedruns away from here but the new website is absolutely the place for TTs as this website doesn't quite accommodate.