Leaderboard merging
4 years ago

It's time for a quick announcement: Since we've had various polls to decide the look of the leaderboards we have come to the conclusion to merge the Nitro-Fueled mode runs with the Classic mode runs. The poll was quite the split, we can admit that, but all the moderators of the game - as well as various people who've put major time into NF - unanimously agree that the differences between the NF mode and the Classic mode do not warrant a category split. In fact, NF runs are virtually the same as Medium difficulty runs on NF. With that split out of the way, it is easier to have the traditional Any% and 101% categories as main categories for the boards, which an overwhelming majority seems to prefer according to a previous poll. Difficulties will no longer be separate categories either. Runs will not completely lose their designations though, a mode variable will be there which will allow you to select either Easy, Medium, Hard or Classic according to your setting for the run. Understand that this change is to be implemented to have a more streamlined and less cluttered leaderboard and to make sure it is also easy to navigate through it. The subcategories for Current Patch, Old Patch and Lap Skips will still be in place, the latter two being miscellaneous ones. If you have any questions about any of this, feel free to ask.

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For Old Patch runs, which versions of the game will be allowed to submit on them?? Talking about all updates that has been released


Any version that isn't the most recent one. This is only in regards to the strats that are being used though. So if a run of an even unpatched version is still conform with the current version (i.e. doesn't use any skips/glitches that have been patched in the current version) then that run can still count as Current Patch. Old Patch is anything that can no longer be done with the current version of the game - be it on a completely unpatched 1.0 version or the one from last week - they're both Old Patch.

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Additionally, for those who are unaware, you are able to view how your runs of certain difficulties compare to other peoples' runs using the FILTERS option on the leaderboards. You can still submit under any difficulty even if it isn't your fastest as well.

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Is there a reason All Cups lacks the difficulty filter now?


You can change the difficulty between cups in the run itself. That was one reason to merge those.

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Ah okay, that makes sense. I remember there being a rule that you couldn’t change the settings between Cups but I see that rule has been removed. 👍