very hard "glitchless/no skips" category idea
2 years ago

i was thinking since there are not any category with hard difficulty it would be interesting to see a category with hard difficulty no skips and glitchless for example witouth the polswid glitch and etc.

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Michigan, USA

about hard mode:

For any% and 101% there is already a difficulty filter. if you want to compare against other runs that used hard mode (including obsoleted runs) you can just filter by difficulty. This was a decision made a few months after the game released due to the community and runners not wanting 3 different boards for what is essentially the same run (you do not change your playstyle at all for hard mode, the only difference is dealing with the AI pulling a clock or orb, making you randomly lose time).

about glitchless: Polswid does not save enough time on its own to warrant a category split (about 1 minute if you play perfectly on the 4 races it effects) and does not skip any parts of the run. This would be comparable to making a category without Zig-Zagging in Crash 1-3 or without hobsliding in NST.

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Colorado, USA

If you want to see a PB without those glitches, watch someone's PB that doesn't use those glitches.

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thank you for your blessing jumpy, and also thanks for the clarification.