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Recently people have been constantly asking if we'll allow runs of CTRNF from day 1. The short answer is no.

In order to figure out the load remover, in-game requirements for rewards and categories fully, we would all need to play and analyze the game first. This is what we shall do for the first week or so. You can speedrun right on day 1 but we won't accept any submissions (yet) and the run will be rejected later if it doesn't adhere to the rules that are not quite established yet. That's all for now. An update when submissions will be taken will be posted here and/or in the Discord server probably.

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Hi all, do you like the idea of doing an all trophy run as a category? You have to make a new account for it on most systems, but it could work as a longer category.

Edit: I see you have already added it. Thanks!


I've noticed that you prepared level leaderboards for the time trial community, could you also include the relic times as a category please?


An all achievements runs would work it would just take very long and be very difficult. I would also like to see a relic category, I feel like that would be a great addition. Also the cups would be great too if those were added as a category

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I would like to speedrun this game the day Beenox fix those awful loading times


I just submitted a time trial time before seeing this thread (sorry). But will time trial runs be accepted right away since those arent affected by load removers?


Sorry, didn’t see the thread before posting.