Can we accept it for runs since it's rendering perfectly?


sadly no, due to the framerate being way off what it should be, and it looks pretty sketchy either way ngl.

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Hi Bluely,
Your best bet is to make a new account to avoid suspicion, then record your gameplay with the window data cropped out. If you get asked about the framerate, say you have a laggy capture card. I've used this tactic countless times on my PS4 runs and have never been caught. If you really need to increase your framerate, just do 3 identical runs and interweave the frames between each other to make it look more legit. Good luck!

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Rendering Perfectly (which it isn't, spoilers, it's more like "great") doesn't equate to running Accurately.
We don't even accept Dolphin for something like Wrath of Cortex, even if the game is pretty much flawless on emulation just because the load times are a tad bit faster there than on a Wii/GC.