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Hello everyone!

As some of you may know, there has been a discovery on Roo's Tubes where you kind-of bonk into the wall and get a huge chunk of speed from it.

I've been investigating this and I think I now know how it works.

I've tried to sum it up in this clip while showing an example on Hyper Spaceway:

I'll type it out here again:

What I think is happening there is that when you jump in an area with a tube-like ceiling, and you hit the ceiling (NOT the wall!), it will push you down and give you a huge speed boost. You can maintain the boost as known with boosting, BUT you will lose it as soon as you get ANY airtime!

So a fairly reliable way to do this is to hug the wall, get to a big jump, steer slightly towards the wall so you hit the ceiling, then use the hop boost and the single power slide you have to maintain the speed as long as possible while avoiding to become airborne.

I found this method to work quite well, and I even discovered a new spot for this on Sewer Speedway:

I wasn't able to find more locations for this so far, and I'm not sure if it works on regular ceilings as well. But with this knowledge, it might be worth to investigate most of the tracks for similar abusable sections ^^

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So, after longer discussion and research, we think that we've fully figured it out.

This actually isn't in any way related to the walls in Roo's tubes or to the invisible walls in Hyper Spaceway - it's related to your reserves!

As you can see in this example clip, it's perfectly executable on Mystery Caves as well, and probably on many other tracks too:

So... how does it work?

It's actually a fairly simpleidea : Get hang time, lose your reserves, slide when hitting the ground on a downhill.
In detail:
1) You trigger it when you get a hang time turbo while landing downhill. However, it only triggers if you do not have any reserves up when landing. That's why in Roo's Tubes, for example, you hit the wall, so you get rid of your reserves. Braking at least one frame before a jump or simply letting it run out (as in the video) should work as well.
2) To maintain it, you need to stay on the ground. No hops, no accidental airtime by sliding into a bump. You also need reserves to maintain it, so make sure to keep these slide turbos up! (Maximising the initial airtime helps a lot also, of course.)
3) Be aware that it cancels your (B)SF, so you need to be careful where to use it - optimally with a new (B)SF turbo pad nearby. However, we think that it's even faster, or at least as fast as BSF. What we do not know quite yet is how hang time or drop length/speed is related to the speed you'll get.

Also: We need a new name for it. So come up with suggestions!

Some suggestions are:
- Drop Slide
- Wall/Break Cancelling (depending on how you killed your reserves)
- Wall/Drop/Break Ghost

A huge shoutout to Ahri for providing a more detailed theory. I've checked what I got informed about and can confirm it, as the video above shows. Now we only have to think about where we can use it properly. It has huge potential for both TT and runs.

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