Hello everyone,

First of all, if my run is not verified just because you didn't have time yet, please take your time and ignore this thread, I don't want to pressure the moderators that are kind enough to review that many subcategories on their free time 🙂

I've submitted a run 9 days ago in the 64ticks m4a4 category and I've seen a lot of runs being verified that were submitted after me and one even on the same category as me. I was wondering if it's possible my run was forgotten ?

Also I've seen the sticky thread about invalid runs, my run time is bad 24.2 but it felt slower than my multiple 24.7 runs so maybe the verification time is because there are doubts on my run ? If it's the case, I've just done 24.4 and I can give both the video and the recorded demo (.dem) to a moderator as a proof if needed.
For info when I play this demo, I have the bug described here (very low framerate): https:/​/​www.​hltv.​org/​forums/​threads/​490021/​csgo-demo-lagging, I'm not sure if it's a problem on my side or if you will be able to play the demo at normal speed from your computer.

I'm just asking because I plan to brag about this top3 to my friends and I'm scared of someone beating this quite slow top3 🙂
Btw please wait a few days before beating my time ! 😃