A thank you to tHmCS
8 years ago

I understand there is a lot of low key drama surrounding some stuff right now and I'm not planning on getting involved.

However, I do just want to leave this here as a symbol of my gratitude for tHMCS. Without him we wouldn't even have these leaderboards to use in the first place and he essentially put everything that we see today in place.

He first got me into running CS:GO and without him I wouldn't have been able to do the stuff I did in my runs

No matter what way you look at it, he set everything in motion and I wish him luck with all his Sly Cooper ongoings

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København, Denmark

Thanks for the kind words. I dont see why there's drama though. As I mentioned earlier, I don't need to defend myself, but I have more than 8 years experience from the highest level of competitive Counter-Strike, dating back to way before speedrunning was nearly as common as it is today. Would be a wonder if I didnt know how to control my spray, especially in a 20 second speedrun.

I wish you the best with the future of these leaderboards :)

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tHm if you want you can have mod back, all we wanted was to have ROM hack :P

København, Denmark

Thanks, but I'm all good derrpyy :). I dont wish to be around the CS:GO speedrun community much anyway. I made the boards back in the day for fun, wasnt anything I myself or anyone should've gotten serious with. At least that wasnt the plan.

Now being called out for 'cheating' just goes to show that some people take it too seriously, and it's not exactly what I wanted out of the boards.

I wish you all the best though :)

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