Rejection of invalid record
7 years ago
København, Denmark

Last night, a run of Gun Range only was set by user "leftfornova" to the CS:GO leaderboards claiming the world record with a 19 second run. However, after looking at the video, it was painfully obvious that something was wrong. The execution of the run was sub par and something didn't add up, so I put them side by side.

Here's the proof that the ingame timer in leftfornova's run has been manipulated in some way. Its incredibly obvious that the former record is done faster, which this video proves.

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København, Denmark

For the record, leftfornova isn't banned from the leaderboard, however we will pay close attention to his submissions for the future.

Lombardy, Italy

Hello, First of all i followed all rules and didn't use any hack or modified in any way my cs go. Secondly, it is stated on the rules that in game timer is the one to be used. And least but not last, taking two run and putting them side by side starting them in a subjective place is not exactly what i call adamantine proof. Btw i don't really know how i did that time, but it is stated in rules that in game timer is what matters that said maybe is a glitch, i really don't know but but rules are on my side

København, Denmark

Your ingame timer is evidently not running properly. You cannot seriously expect us to not act when this clear cut evidence is presented. I dont know what you did to your game, but we're not allowing it here.

Lombardy, Italy

Again, let me make clear two or three things:

  • in the rules the only glitch that is not allowed is Gun Range glitch
  • i don't know if it is a glitch or not, still i followed each rule and got a better time
  • unless you can explain me what happened how am i suppose to do speedrun if i follow every rule and you still accuse me of something i didn't do.
  • if you want i have the video of the run directly before the last one (if it can help finding the glitch or something)
  • untill we find out what is the problem, i think accusing me of manipulating the time intentionally and removing my run is a illegittimate move
  • i am more than happy to help and provide any further info required, just contact me on discord leftfornova #7040
København, Denmark

Listen to me, I do not care what you think the rules says. If your game does not have a normal ingame timer, then your game is not vanilla. Something is wrong. I do not care about your video. I do not care about whether or not its a glitch. The matter of fact is that this run is invalid. Your ingame timer isnt right. I am not interested in going back and fourth with this. I don't care if you intended on having this time or not. It doesn't matter. This is not kindergarten, your run is invalid and you're gonna have to deal with it.

Your run isn't legit. I doesn't matter if you're aware of it or not. If you legitimately think it is okay for you to have a run like that to be classified as World Record, then you don't even deserve to be on the leaderboard at all. Like I genuinely cannot believe that you're trying to defend this. Are you that thick? Get a grip.


Hacked time somehow :(

Look, even if the run was legit it is clearly slower. Also, you're arguing with someone who's played this game almost exclusively for years. I think he would know if there was a legit way to manipulate the timer. Trying to put one over on mikl is not gonna work.

Lombardy, Italy

Well could both of you calm down, i'm trying to figure out what's wrong like an adult and figure what went wrong. yea side by side my run is slower by comparison, i have no problem admitting it and you are absolutly right when you say that measured time is actually somewhere between 20-21 seconds. all i am saying is that in the rules what matters is not measured time but ingame time... Then since i was called out for somehow manipulating the timer (which i didn't) i assumed it must had been a glitch so i treated as such and i defended myself following this line. I am not trying to educate anyone outside myself, i am pretty new to the scene of speedrunning, so i did a run and it got rejected even if i followed all rules and when i questioned this i got verbally attacked by the moderator and you (i assume his friend). Again adamantine proof is a way of saying, pardon me for not using slang or having to insult.... And again when i said "Btw i don't really know how i did that time" i was obviously referring to the fact that i didn't know and i still don't know how the timer got "glitches" (for lack of a better word).... it is not rocket science i was referring to the glitch, but i assume your was an honest mistake, so no worries In the end yes the timer is obviously glitched/wrong/bugged/Hellsknowwhat but i was in check with rules, so my question was legit and still is unanswered... i don't know hot to prevent glicht and how to measure if a run is glitched or not so i ahve a big problem for the future... Again i am more than happy to collab to fix this issue that may or may not have occurred due to the change that occurred in csgo...

Lombardy, Italy

Well i suppose that since he played for a long time he is all knowing? then can he help me find how i did it? and maybe put something in the rules to prevent it in the future? Edited: is it possible that the rendering of the video made it slower?

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Lombardy, Italy

Ok, thanks man i really appreciate that. so i did a research on the recording i had of that day and it appears that same run had this very problem, so now i'm trying to delete the game and then re-download and install it... hoping it will fix the problem. how can i access the source code in my version to check if everything is all-right? i use Open broadcaster studio to record and vegas 13 to render and cut the run. Btw thanks again man and sorry if i made all this mess, it was not intentional and i apologize

Lombardy, Italy

Ok, i'll follow your advice!

Czech Republic

Ok guys, i read all of this and i wanna make a suggestion. From now, everyone running Gun Range only, needs to record a ingame demo on every start of his speedrun to have ingame proof. With that, you can check if his timer was edited or no. And another thing, before every run, he needs to show that he doesn't have sv_cheats 1, or any software helping him to get better aim.


I agree with Corky however, to help keep this leaderboard still active because not everyone will be bothered to do this. We could say Top 3 submissions for Weapons Course and Weapons Course (No GR skip) must have these rules applied, and since Gun Range only is far more popular, we could make it Top 10 submissions have these new rules in place.

Just throwing out suggestions so let us know! :D

Midi-Pyrénées, France

wait whatttt i have to sumbit a demo too next time D: ?


maybe so, I won't make it a rule unless people want it to help stop cheaters

Midi-Pyrénées, France

To stop cheaters : sv_cheats at the beginning and at the end and you have to move the console, net_graphproportionnalfont 1, record your voice and sound, don't add any editing(we must find a way to figure out if its edited or no) and then if mods with all this still want a better proof, you have to send the demo

Czech Republic

Recording demo is easy, simple, and the best thing to prevent this game from cheating scrubs.

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Tennessee, USA

But where is the sv_cheats on Mikl's world record run? I don't think someone should be allowed to submit and verify their own times without showing the proof they require from others. Runs are a bit fishy as well, no recoil.

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