organized bhop maps extension category suggestion
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organized bhop maps extension category suggestion

add bunny hop maps as a category extension, and each map has its own mini-category such as: (normal, sideways, w-only, scroll, 400 velocity, half-sideways, a/d-only, segmented) I currently propose this idea because it has a lot of potential and the community has asked for it many times, it would not be a bad idea either. thx

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the only thing with making that a part on is the amount of different servers that all have "world records" and what not and might have slightly different server setting so you would need to have a specific server to go to and at that point the server likely already has leader boards itself. And would old runs be submitted to this leader board because you could go through my steam profile and just find a ton of rank 1's on it from horizon and what not. additionally there is also the fact that there are so many maps on bhop servers that it could clutter the current leaderboards for csgo

granted i cant talk about cluttering leaderboards since all i do anymore is try to make stupid weird runs

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Yes, there are way too much maps, and i think that src isn't the right place to have leaderboards for each map.

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