misc cat potential?
5 years ago
Victoria, Australia

thoughts on making a crash 1 misc category with this mod?

just a thought, its fine if people dont like the idea :D

West Midlands, England

Most likely won't as it's not supported by the main game and requires both PC version & altered with a mod.

Paraná, Brazil

People have interest on Crash 1 with slides tho. It actually has a Lot of potencial to become a misc category. Some of the top players were running this actually

United Arab Emirates

Oof. Now this would definitely be a fun category to do lmao.

Virginia, USA

This is being discussed in the discord as a potential miscellaneous category, and considering how many people like the idea it will likely become a thing at some point.

We aren't against having modded runs as miscellaneous categories, especially if they're something that many would like to run. It's just that these things shouldn't be main categories.

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