IMPORTANT: Loadless timer is now mandatory!
5 years ago
Virginia, USA

Hey all,

As I stated in the New Rules Update post, LiveSplit running the loadless timer must now be visible in all submissions to be accepted.

There are a couple reasons we have done this:

  1. PS4 direct streaming; several runs that have been recorded with PS4 direct stream have been submitted that frequently are missing footage due to video skipping. This has ranged anywhere from a few seconds to minutes of footage missing. We have been lenient on this before but it has gotten out of hand. It is not necessarily the fault of the runners as much as it is the fault of PS4 streaming being terrible, but we simply cannot verify these runs in good faith when so much footage is missing. It is unfortunate that PS4 direct streamers suffer by their runs not being valid from a direct stream, but they likely would have been rejected anyway solely out of the footage that was missing.

  2. We have also had many instances of people submitting runs that have not had loadless timing accurately timed, and then requesting that we check the time is accurate for them. Again, we have been lenient on this, but it has also gotten out of hand. It is not the job of the moderators to time your runs for you. We are just here to make sure nothing goes out of order and to make sure submitted runs are valid and not cheated or spliced in any way. Making sure your times are accurate is the job of the submitter, not the moderators.

We understand that this will make submissions a little harder, but we have standards that we go by, and we want to make sure runs are of the proper quality when submitted. LiveSplit and the load remover are both very easy to set up, and any questions and problems that you have can be solved by asking on here or in the community Discord: many people are willing to help you get everything set up to make everything easier.

With that, I hope you all continue to do runs of NST! Hope to see submissions soon.


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