Complete World Record History

A spreadsheet of the complete WR history of all eight main categories. Constantly updated as necessary. (external link)

By RikoRiko

Crash Helper

Practice tool that allows you to control mask count and life count. PC only. (external link)

Crash NST Load Remover for LiveSplit

Load remover plugin for LiveSplit that will pause the timer whenever a loading screen is displayed. More accurate than using spreadsheet for reference. Instructions can be found in the Forum. (external link)

By ThomadinThomadin


C3 DJ + Bazooka + Running Shoes

Crash 3 Save File with Double Jump, Bazooka and Running Shoes unlocked (direct download)


Crash 1 Any%

(direct download)

By tocaloni1

Crash 3 (108%) Beginner Splits

Good beginner splits for Crash 3 108%. This does not contain Bug Lite one cycle, as that is an advanced strat. You can do Hot Coco one cycle in its place, or just use the Sapphire Relic as a back up if you fail another one cycle. I recommended viewing this with Subsplits in LiveSplit so it displays properly. (direct download)

By RikoRiko