warp room bug?
5 years ago
Victoria, Australia

Hey guys, im on the pc version and was just wondering if its just me or if anyone else has had this bug whilst trying to complete the game any% at fast'ish pace:

i finish the final level on warp room 2 or 3 and when i try to enter the boss warp it doesnt to anything, none of the other warps work either and i have to exit and re-enter the game.

Virginia, USA

If you're talking about Crash 2, yes that is a known bug on all versions. If you reach the doorway before it actually spawns it locks you out. It's fixed by either visiting a level in a different Warp Room or reloading the save file.

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Victoria, Australia

thanks, ye it was crash 2 :D

United Arab Emirates

Was it the Komodo Bros? If so, the cutscene before the boss door opens, skip it without moving for about half a second, and go in normally. I've had that happen in my Crash 2 runs multiple times before. It's quite an annoying bug for sure.

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