How to display Japanese characters in Cave Story
How to display Japanese characters in Cave Story
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If your game shows weird text like this: Then, it means your computer doesn't handle non-unicode programs' text well. Thankfully, it doesn't make any difference in terms of speed/time in the game so you can still do runs with messed-up text, this is totally fine.

However, if you want Japanese characters to be displayed, here are 2 potential solutions:

1. Locale Emulator Download Locale Emulator via this link -> After installation you'll be able to launch programs in Japanese by: -> right clicking the .exe file -> select Locale Emulator -> click Run in Japanese

2. Switching your system locale to Japanese In order to do that:

-> hit the Windows key -> search for intl.cpl -> select the Administrative tab -> under the Language for non-Unicode programs section, click Change system locale and select Japanese (Japan)

Your PC may then reboot. Note: Opting for this way may sometimes alter other programs' character displays so watch out.

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