Is playing on Linux via Wine allowed?
2 years ago

Hi! I'm on Linux, which means I can't run the original version natively as it's only for Windows. I usually play on the NXengine version, but seeing as the original is required I can't use that.

So my question is: Is the use of Wine allowed? It's a translation layer that converts Windows system calls into Unix ones, meaning I'm able to run Windows programs as if they were native. Cave Story runs perfectly fine like this.

In case you're strict about this and Wine isn't allowed, is at least the use of a Virtual Machine allowed?

I really don't want to dual boot, so if none of these methods are allowed I'll have to look into playing Cave Story+ : / (that one has a native Linux build!)

Thanks : )

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2 years ago

This exact topic has been discussed at length in the Pixel Speedgames Discord server. No concrete decisions have been made by the moderators yet, although the general consensus seems to be that running Cave Story in Wine would need to be explored more thoroughly before runs using it can be allowed.

To answer your question directly: No, at least not as of now. This decision may be subject to change in the future, however.

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Honestly - you should just do it and submit a run so that the mods can finally get around to making a decision on this. I've been asking about Wine legality for ages now with no conclusions being drawn, it's frustrating

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each time this has been brought up in the discord the mods have agreed that its fine if you can show that it runs the same as the standalone exe

but for some reason i haven't seen anyone even attempt to do that, its always just the conjecture "of course it runs the same"

The concern that wine might invisibly save time is legitimate. Something similar happened in kero blaster where a runner's game was actually running at 61-62fps which turned into about a minute timesave over the whole run

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if it doesn't lag then its not a TAS and that is allowed

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