Potential rule updates (feedback requested)
2 months ago
United States

Hey everyone,

We're considering a number of leaderboard rule changes and would like your input on them to help us decide how to proceed. If you could fill out the survey linked below, that would be much appreciated!

Here's the short version of what we're considering (these are explained in much more detail within the survey):

  • Allowing a couple of (non-game altering) quality-of-life mods (namely, increasing the window size and allowing the game to run when unfocused)
  • A mod to automatically advance text by simply holding the button so that you don't need to mash (with a delay to make it similar to human text mashing speed)
  • Allowing Wine for runners that use Linux or Mac (although, Wine may be slightly faster than Windows; it's complicated)

For further discussion, we have threads about these topics in the Discord server (https://discord.gg/ksNyRY9), or you can also talk in here (or write your thoughts in the survey) if you don't want to join that for whatever reason.

Link to survey: https://forms.gle/8S14vc99bePCYBkX6

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