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YES I AM ACTUALLY SUGGESTING A CATEGORY.... AND A SILLY ONE AT THAT! Imagine if you will, a Run of Cavestory, only using the Bubble as a weapon. Chickening out is not an option so you dont just go for the normal or bad ending... nohohohooo! You have to rock up to Ballos with your trusty bubble gun and beat him to the ground with it. The general start of this run can be discussed, if you want to mod the game to make it your first weapon, or simply race to it as soon as the opportunity arises. What i do know is that this is an awful idea, which is exactly why its so good.

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We probably wouldn't add this category officially to the leaderboard, unless it somehow becomes wildly popular (and especially not if it involves modding the game).

That said, don't let that discourage you from running it! I'd be curious to see what kind of time you can get under those conditions. You (and/or anybody else that wants to give it a shot) can even use this thread to share your times :D

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