Going to attempt a couple runs later.
1 year ago

As I said in my other thread (in case anyone missed it), I am not normally much of a speedrunner, preferring to take my time and do everything. But in this case I have decided to attempt one.

Going for two categories: 100% and Super RPG. I may do it in one run, as my candies route plays the games to skip grinding. They are lucrative in the early game and don't take long.

My 100% will be stricter than the current All Items run; I'll explain later but basically "Do everything at least once", meaning at least one of every gift, all optional stuff done etc. I will set an arbitrary goal of 2,000 points in Galactic Wars, and Floor 24 in Super RPG + defeat 2/3 monsters / Floor 3 (same rules) in Hard Mode. I am really confident that my own strats, not using the ones others have used, will work really well! I'll go for some attempts later today.