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6 years ago

I think we should add a category of speedrun on "Candy Box 2": All items, all weapons and all armor (Consumed objects count). Without opening the candy box.

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Great idea, I'll add it. I think the timer should end when you open the candy box and "You win" appears on the screen. If you'd like to save me the time and get it up faster, please post a list of the required items in this thread.


Astremy, if you happen to complete a run in this category before it is added to the leaderboards please submit it as an ANY% run and I will be compelled to create a new category for it. Alternatively, harass me on any of my social media links with a request to become a supermod for this game OR with requests for me to add the 100% category.

The items required to win are :

The Map Time ring Third house key Beginner's grimoire Desert bird feather Pogo stick Heart plug Advanced grimoire Magical sponge Shell Powder Magical red shark fin Black magic grimoire Magical green shark fin Magical purple shark fin Heart pendant Desert fortress key Unicorn Horn Xinopherydon claw Pitchfork Talking candy The P stone The L stone The A stone The Y stone Health Potion Turtle Potion Anti-gravity Potion Berserk Potion Cloning Potion P Potion X Potion The giant Spoon of Doom Scythe Summoning Tribal Spear Monkey Wizard Staff (enchanted) Troll's Bludgeon Wooden Sword Iron Axe Polished Silver Sword Pink enchanted gloves Red enchanted gloves Leather Boots Boots of Introspection Lightweight Body Armor Enchanted Knight Body Armor Octopus King's Crown with Jaspers Octopus King's Crown with Obsidian Candy Merchant's Hat Rocket Boots

I don't put the Sorceress' Hat in the list because it costs 1 billion candies and it seems too long to reach for a speedrun.

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Nevada, USA

How about Any% Hard Mode?


I didn't even know this game had a hard mode. How do you access it?

Nevada, USA basically max health is 480