I think All Items should ban using the computer.
1 year ago

There's only one run in the category, but it buys the Sorceress's Hat with the computer at the end. However, the run as it is would probably be quicker if you grind the Developer and X-Potions a bit to get a billion candies, use lolligators to convert them to lollipops then buy the Sorceress's Hat before doing the teapot twice (to get both the upgraded and regular spoon). If you put 5 Pains au Chocolat into magic and position yourself just on the right of the teapot (using Obsidian Wall and Boots of Introspection), you can sit there with the scythe and spam demons without getting hit. It's much quicker this way than the way in the current run.

Using the computer seems to me a copout given that you can grind the Developer with the Merchant's Hat a few times, then use X-Potions to get tons of candies. It might take a few minutes to grind, but it's quicker than doing the teapot twice without the Sorceress's Hat, so I think banning the computer won't make the runs take ridiculously long.

EDIT: I am not normally much of a speedrunner, preferring to take my time and do everything. But in this case I have decided to attempt one.

Going for two categories: 100% and Super RPG. I may do it in one run, as my candies route plays the games to skip grinding. They are lucrative in the early game and don't take long.

My 100% will be stricter than the current All Items run; I'll explain later but basically "Do everything at least once", meaning at least one of every gift, all optional stuff done etc. I will set an arbitrary goal of 2,000 points in Galactic Wars, and Floor 24 in Super RPG + defeat 2/3 monsters / Floor 3 (same rules) in Hard Mode. I am really confident that my own strats, not using the ones others have used, will work really well! I'll go for some attempts later today.

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I did this analysis in 2020 and deemed it should quicker than the current route. I forget my calculations, but I think it was that grinding 1bn candies on the developer should take ~15 mins, and the sorceress hat should halve? the time spent on the teapot. My plan was to use this to snipe the WR, but my menuing sucks and I lost interest.

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Also odomobo i did the math too it would take 12min i think if u take 20 sec per run and use farmers hat.

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