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Co-Op Leaderboards are back

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[This bug has been patched. It is now okay to run these maps again]

There is a currently a bug as of update 37.0 where maps with spawns that alternate each round (example: chutes) have those rounds swapped.

Example: On Bazaar, even rounds now spawn on the top path instead of the bottom path.

As such, we will not be allowing new runs on the following maps until Ninja Kiwi addresses the issue to prevent any new strategies from making future records impossible after the bug is fixed

Bazaar Chutes High Finance Infernal Muddy Puddles Ravine


BTD6 mod team

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TL;DR - new mod for timing, files are in resources tab

Hi everyone, Just wanted to let you know that we are introducing a new timing system involving a mod by Minecool. This mod does not affect gameplay in any way, and OTHER MODS STILL REMAIN BANNED. Instructions will follow on how to set this mod up, and files linking to the mod will be sent in the resources tab of our leaderboard page.

Older timing methods will still be valid, and those who do not choose to use the mod can still submit runs just as before.

A few reasons why we wanted to introduce this system:

  • The pause bug has been around for way over a year now, and it doesn't look like it's going away any time soon. This mod takes pauses into account and automatically removes them
  • Hardware differences have been making a huge difference at the top level up until this point, it seems that the mod will either eliminate them entirely or at least significantly reduce them
  • It makes it so much easier to keep track of how fast your runs are because you get told how fast each round is during the run.

About how the mod works:

  • The timer only works on PC for now.
  • The mod does not require any other mod files, except MelonLoader, which will be attached along with the mod itself.
  • There are two versions of the mod, one that makes time go up constantly, and the other that only updates every round. Either may be used, however in category extensions (where timing doesn't end on the end of a round), the continuous timer must be used.
  • The 'upgrades' button in the top-right or bottom-left of your screen gets replaced with the timer
  • Every frame of slow time (i.e. when the game is going but not on fast forward) will lose 2 frames (~0.011 as we now time based on a 180fps standard)

How to add the mod to your game (this link contains similar instructions with pictures - :

Timer in action:

The mod has been in pre-testing for a few days and has received positive results throughout, so we hope that this introduction will make getting top times easier. If anyone has problems working out how to use the mod, let me know on discord or on this website. Hope to see some runs from everyone soon!

~SummerPi and the BTD6 mod team

P.S. Category Extensions wave 2 coming soon

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We have finally released the first of the category extensions! We plan to add more in the future, but for now there are 9 categories on offer: ● Defeating each individual boss from a new profile ● Obtaining $100,000 cash ● Obtaining $100,000 cash in CHIMPS ● Obtaining $1,000,000 cash ● Creating a paragon ● Creating a level 100 paragon

For now, boss speedruns will only be for new profiles. This is because we are trying to stray away from hardware differences as much as possible. We may add boss categories for existing profiles at some point.

Stay tuned for the next set of category extensions, and keep posting your suggestions in this forum post on the category extensions leaderboard:

Also you all should do some category extension runs, there's free world records! (for now)

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The BTD6 Speedrun mods have made the decision to essentially delete the co-op category. This was decided for multiple reasons.

  • The categories are unpopular

While the co-op section is a great entry point for new runners to get into the speedrun scene with some friends, we end up not getting any submissions for co-op runs for sometimes months at a time. YOU WILL STILL BE ABLE TO SUBMIT CO-OP RUNS, but they will be posted on the overall lb, not a separate lb.

  • The front page load time is frankly a bad website, no way around that. But the front page can sometimes take 20 years to load. We're hoping removing some categories it has to load will make the page load faster. Probably won't though this website sucks.

  • Front page readability.

Again, is not designed well AT ALL. The scroll bar for seeing co-op categories is at the BOTTOM OF THE SCREEN, which means you have to scroll through 60+ maps to find it. Especially with the addition of CHIMPS to solo lbs, this has just made the front page unreadable mostly. Removing co-op lbs will help this.

  • The fastest way to play co-op is by yourself

If you look at all the world records (especially those by Iberian) you'll see the top runners use an alt account as their co-op teammate. This for a few reasons, noteably it's easier to transfer money to yourself and that NK multiplayer servers are bad and have a better time connecting you to a teammate in your same building rather than one in another city, country, etc.

This is the biggest reason for removing co-op as a separate category as the whole point of co-op is to play with two indivual brains, not for it to be a solo leaderboard with worse times.

  • Why not move co-op runs to a category extension?

Short answer: sucks.

Long answer: We are unable to set up category extensions ourselves. The Bloons Series mods have to do that. And even if they did do that, the manual labor required to move every single run to a category extension would be INSANE and silly. Moving runs internally here in the BTD6 category is much faster and easier.

Any current co-op runs will not be deleted, only moved. And any future co-op runs will be accepts as long as all the rules are followed.

We're sorry for any inconvenience this has caused you and the loss of any world records this may have, but we believe it's the best and healthiest option for the game as a speedrun moving forward.

Thank you.

  • noneleft & Arisune
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Hey everyone, just a quick news post to inform you all of Chimps (and Chimps Coop) being moved from the full game leaderboard to the individual level leaderboard. The same rules still apply, so nothing has been changed there. We are transferring all the old runs, so if you had a run in the old category do not worry, it'll still be on the leaderboard.

If you wish to do coop, you submit it to the new IL category for chimps, and just fill out the runs information like normal. (There is no separate category for coop chimps on the leaderboard.)

This allows for a ton of new opportunities and fun, as you can now experiment and try figuring out how to optimize each specific map instead of being limited to the fastest map in each difficulty as it previously was. Especially for the harder maps, this will be a nice change.

Good luck to anyone who wants to tackle the mode, there's a lot of spots on the leaderboard to fill out now :)

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Hi everyone, Arisune here. You may (or may not) have noticed some times being changed on the leaderboard, and that is because the timing rules are being changed! As I'm writing this, noneleft is currently working on Monkey Meadow times, so you will see the updated times there first. For all maps/categories besides Monkey Meadow, we will be working on retiming only the top 5 runs. (So please be patient, there are a lot to go through.)

The timing rules are being changed to the following:

"Timing ends the frame the fast forward button reverts back to one arrow at the end of a run (which will not be highlighted anymore.)"

This video shows what "the frame the fast forward button reverts back to one arrow at the end of a run" means. If you're not sure though, feel free to message either noneleft or myself.

The reason the rules are being changed to this is for more accurate and consistent timing across the board. The old timing method of going from the first frame the play button is pressed to when the first frame of the victory banner appearing left a lot of room (up to a second in the worst case so far) for inconsistency.

The amount of frames it took from when the fast forward button reverted back to the first frame of the victory banner was extremely random. This meant that some times were better simply because it took less frames for it to appear, not because of the player's efforts. By changing to the new rules, it gets rid of that inconsistency and allows for more fairly timed and accurate runs.

That's all I have regarding the new timing rule, but if you need anything cleared up or explained, feel free to ask noneleft or myself.

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