Temp Rule Regarding Current Pausing Bug
1 year ago
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There is currently a bug in BTD6 as of patch 30.1 where the game will randomly pause for one frame (1/60th of a second , or 0.01666... seconds) after a round even though you have auto start on.

To combat this bug in terms of speedrunning, we are allowing you to subtract this pausing time from your runs, under these conditions.

  1. It is up to you to determine which rounds your run paused on. We will not do it for you
  • You can do this by loading the run into video editing software or Avidemux - any softwtware that allows you to advance frame by frame.

  • When you see the game pause briefly, advance to the frame it does so and note down the round in the top right corner.

  1. Any round with a pause you want subtracted must be reported in your run description.
  • Do not try to give us rounds with no pauses, as we will be checking every round you tell us.

  • If we find you reported incorrect rounds, we either won't subtract the time from your run, or we'll reject the run if we think you're wasting our time or trying to cheat.

  1. You must report the initial run time from start to finish (with pauses) in the run description.
  • Just helps with verification. Makes life easier for the mods.

If you choose not to report rounds where there is a pause, that's fine, we'll just take your time from start to finish and call it a day. This rule is only for those people who want that extra push, maybe for a world record or a top 3, 5, or 10 time.

This rule will not be applied retroactively. It starts 2/22/2022 and ends whenever Ninja Kiwi fixes the bug.

We hope this rule seems fair to those who want to use it. Any questions, feel free to ask me or another mod. Thank you.


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very interesting idea i think we should use it

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Definitely seems like a fair rule to implement and have in use until they fix the bug, otherwise beating some of the well optimized times would basically be impossible atm.

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