New Rule For BTD6 Speedrunning (July 2021)
2 years ago

The BTD6 speedrunning community has grown quite big over the years and I'm very proud of what it has become :D but, with the growing popularity of game and when the times of runs getting shorter and shorter, a few sketchy things will eventually pop up so as a precaution to this, one new rule will be added to the speedrunning rules starting July 7th, 2021.

New Rule =

  • Every run will need to show the main menu screen at the start and end of the run. Any flagged account will be rejected for cheating until proven otherwise

This rule is meant to detect modded/flagged accounts given by 2 leaves at the options menu on the main menu screen (Ninjakiwi way to show that the account is modded/cheating). and also some other things not as important...

For any flagged account user, do not worry about never being able to submit a valid run tho, with verification and proof, we will verify your run just like any other run. (This is due to Ninjakiwi having a slight flaw with the flagging system where some people gets flagged despite not cheating/modding)

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