0.766s (fastest known time) r40 with Ben's Syphon
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0.766s (fastest known time) r40 with Ben's Syphon
United States

For those of you not in the discord server, I managed to get lvl 10 Ben before round 40 in Easy mode.

Question: Is it viable?

Answer: Not like how I did it lol. Ben loses so much time early game at the moment since he can't pop any bloons and forgoing popping power = slower times.

But some crazy person out there will try to make it work and optimize this. In fact, you should try to. I think it has potential.

Could be the future of easy mode runs, who knows.

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United States

Might try messing around with it, could be more fun to experiment with it than just reuse the same couple of strategies for most runs.

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