Category Idea: T5%
1 year ago
United States

The goal of the category is to unlock and purchase a Tier 5 tower from a new profile as fast as possible.

Would monkey money be allowed for cash drops, or would it be banned? Same with real money, could you just buy the 2.99$ purchase that unlocks every path to t5? That would make the bulk of the run just creating a new profile

United States
She/Her, They/Them
8 months ago

I think that it would be fun. A nice little run. As far as the concerns from DRINK2, I don't really thing that they would be an issue because monkey money isn't allowed on any of the other categories and I think it would be clearly set up that it is just a category that uses whatever you earn in that one specific run to buy towers and upgrades.

Another variation on this that would be super fun to mess around with would be Paragon% and maybe MaxParagon%

Seattle, WA, USA

DRINK2 I think that wouldn't be allowed, or it could be a sub-category. Like with what noneleft was saying in Boss%, it wouldn't really apply to every map.