Proposed timing changes
5 years ago

So, given how close the top times are getting, I thought it was worth discussing the current timing rules of GB Dracula; as well as some of the enforced rules.

Currently, the game starts from the old standard of 'first gaining control'. I have an issue with this though.

Currently, I retime runs by marking in/out frames based on the rules of any given board.

My out frame is the first frame after Dracula disappears (Signifying the last hit, and start of the explosion.)

My in frame, has always been the first frame which I could see Harken moving. (Which was almost always the first frame he was visible, as he tends to be already turning on the first visible frame. As the game seems to "accept" inputs being made before this.) See:

I propose we move the start frame back, to when the user first presses start (The frame I have in mind, is the last frame where the start menu is visible before dimming) See:

This would help rule out any possible discrepancies between runs and making timing much easier and more accurate.


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I'm not seeing how this makes timing easier or more accurate. Can you explain why?


Sure! Let me try to explain the concerns I had! Forgive me, as Im not great with words.

My biggest concern is that the exact frame where you can "gain control" of Harker can't be reliably checked from a video.

When I was using the first frame of Harker being visible as the initial frame, I would notice that he was already mid turn, so the game had already been reading inputs. (edit: In testing, you can get anywhere from 1-3 frames of input before you become visible. It seems totally random between runs. Effectively giving people 1-3 free untimed frames at random. )

The old timing rule stated that timing starts when "The user gains control of Harker", but since this is before Harker is rendered, I have no way to tell when that frame actually is.

-So leaving the start time at the first visible frame seems to skip some user input. -but checking a start time of "when you game control of Harker" seem impossible to verify from video.

So since the point at which the screen dims after pressing start is consistent between runs (the 4th frame after pressing start). I feel it makes the runs more comparable to each other, since we can be sure the start and end frame is the same between runs.

With runs getting so close within 1 second of each other, I thought I should bring up my concerns with the existing start time.

I hope my rambling made any sense, do you have any specific concerns about the new timing rules? Making sure things are fair and accurate it my only goal! :)

Thanks! Legs

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Texas, USA

Yea definitely makes sense. In that case I'm in favor of the proposed timing change.

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