New skip found by JkL87
3 years ago
Tyrol, Austria

The recently found OOB glitch to finish Easy in around 1 minute by JkL87 let me to make this forum post to discuss further optimization of it and my opinion on how the leaderboards should incorporate it as a category.

About the glitch: While performing at the Tiny 10 11 Race a runner known as JkL87 ( performed an OOB glitch in the game, which let him to finish Easy way faster than normally.

Here is his twitch VOD containing the run and a tutorial with some additional theory crafting: The tutorial starts at around 7:53:30.

To summarize the glitch: Platforms which you can drop down from by pressing down and jump have a weird mechanic where the game thinks you're still on the plattform while falling off from the side. Therefore it is possible to press down and jump while falling off from the platform and performing the drop while in mid air. This leads to dropping one tile into the ground where you drop onto. While in the ground you can leave the bound of the level by alternately pressing left and right. The game thinks you ended the level when you left the level's bounds.

Further optimizations: The only real optimization I was able to find so far was on Day 1. Dropping into the spikes as fast as possible while facing right as far to the wall to the left as possible and then using the spikes to perform the glitch seems to be the fastest way. If you're lucky you'll be out of bounds while only taking damage from the spikes once. Taking damage from the spikes while in the floor will throw you back in bounds, so getting into the wall while having i-frames is optimal. This is difficult to achieve, but I'm glad there is something about running with this trick that provides some challenge at least, as it is really easy to perform otherwise. There is a rhythm to alternately pressing left and right, for me personally mashing didn't work well. I'm still testing how to optimize the rhythm.

About the leaderboards: Legs already changed the rules for the normal categories. The OOB glitch is therefore prohibited for the normal categories. Legs also added a new category for Easy, which allows the use of the OOB glitch. As the trick is interesting for all categories my suggestion would be to introduce subcategories, one for no major glitches and one for glitches. My reasoning for not calling the normal category glitchless: 3snow_p7im performed a glitch where the character was off screen to reduce lag, but finishing the level normally otherwise. Also I want to bring up the level skip trick which we discussed in another thread and it's influence on the leaderboards. I would suggest banning it completely, as it seems to be a developer testing feature.

Thanks to JkL87 for his contribution, I'm looking forward to doing runs with this trick!

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Leaderboards: I totally agree with you that the current categories aren't "Glitchless" they are just "Beat the game" (Now with the caveat that the OOB glitch is banned.)

My thoughts on why I made the category as it is : -This OOB would basically invalidate any other 'glitch' that could be found. Meaning a Glitchless category couldn't really develop from this, this is just the run. So it doesn't make sense to make it the start of that category. -Given that the category is under a minute and just skips playing the game entirely, I'd much rather keep it as a misc vs a full category. It feels much more akin to a credits warp than a glitchless category

I plan to set up the MED and HARD ones if people want to run those.

{Might switch to having Easy Med and Hard as subcatgeories of the categories 'Beat the Game'/'OOB Glitch' as AA suggests; I'll see if that looks good}

I look forward to hearing everyone elses thoughts on how we should move forward :)

Thanks again JKL for the find!

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considering running this, i have 1 major question though, why is Any% (easy oob) a misc. catagory? makes little sense.


It's generally where I put categories that are skip the majority of a game. (Credit warps, death%, etc.) But in the future we may reorganize the board a bit to make use of variables and move it from a misc category. :)

The category is the same though! So if it interests you, you should give it a shot! It's short and pretty fun.


Any% = the fastest possible way of beating a game, glitches included, it's just weird to me that that's on a misc. tab, although I understand your reasoning. My suggestion for the leaderboard is quite simple, adding a tab on each difficulty for OOB Also would like to request Hard OOB be added as I have routed it out and plan on grinding it for a bit.

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