Floor clip in no OOB - rules clarification
2 years ago
Cumbria, England

I was looking at AmenAnthem's no OOB Easy WR just now and I noticed it actually floor clips through the destructible block after the sub-boss in Nighttime 2. ETA: the run was performed after the date of the first OOB run and verified, but should still be discussed here

I have some new routing tech in the game anyways, so my post is in no way an attempt to foul AmenAnthem's run or give myself an advantage.

(Edited) The question then should be asked: is this/should it be permissible in no OOB category runs? It's important because it would also be usable on the second breakable floors at the top right end of Nighttime 2.

I feel like it shouldn't be permissible going forward in no OOB runs but part of me doesn't want to see a WR run junked because of such a tiny thing.

Edited by the author 2 years ago
Tyrol, Austria

I think @Legs changed the categories accourding to this, because Glitchless vs. OOB. In my opinion this glitch in this context isn't an OOB, as I never leave the boundary but just skip something that's in bounds.

Edited by the author 2 years ago
Cumbria, England

Oh I understand, because previously there was a discovered glitch that was also banned. On that basis I'll continue my attempts presuming the clip is valid, but hopefully we will get confirmation soon either way..

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Tyrol, Austria

Looking forward to your discoveries! I'm currently dedicating my spare time on weekends to running another game, but I'm always glad when there is some new competition so I'm pressured into running a game again :)


@petaQ You can also feel free to send me any questions directly, if you have something specific you'd like to ask. :)

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