Elm Street High Platform Jumps
5 years ago
Newfoundland, Canada

I'm new to running Nightmare on Elm Street (though I've been casually playing this game now off and on for about 23 years).

A lot of places in the game I understand that I can optimize with better jumps, punches, etc. But I'm having trouble finding out the best way to tackle the pixel perfect jumps in the first room of the high school. I try and get a running start and I think I'm tapping the jump button at the last second, but it's really hit or miss whether I make the jump or fall into the pit. Are there any tricks to help make these difficult jumps easier?

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Are you playing on Emulator or Original Hardware?

If I remember right certain jumps are much harder on emulator and become near impossible. If this is the jump I think it is, one route for a safer run is to get the mage upgrade and use a longer jump to cross instead

Newfoundland, Canada

I'm playing on original hardware. I used to just sit around and wait to fall asleep to make the jump easier, but if I could just make the jump and back easily while still awake I would probably save 60-90 seconds.

Maine, USA

there are 2 pretty difficult jumps in the speedrun. If it's the jump I think you're talking about, Try just tapping the jump button instead of holding it down. this may seem coutner intuitive but you actually get more distance. Bonking your head on the ceiling makes you fall faster.

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Ohio, USA

ya, its a very tight jump, Strahl has the right strat though

Los Angeles, CA, USA

I may need to try this again when I get a NES. I have the game now but no NES

Newfoundland, Canada

Thanks all. I've been trying my best to just lightly tap the jump button, with mixed results. Practice will probably help. It seems like I'm more likely to make the jump if I don't get a running start, which seems sort of counter-intuitive.

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