low% and Pacifist
2 years ago

I wonder what are the rules for this 2 categories because there is for what I notice 2 coffe/boom box that cant be avoided. Dont know if is ok if I pick up the coffe/boom box to make the runs faster, fighting freddy seems to be just a waste of time and can make this categories a bit annoying. off course all bosses will be killed just with punches.

Newfoundland, Canada

I guess since there's no set rules for these categories then it's completely up to interpretation for now. I would personally think that for low% would imply no pickups, which would include coffee/boom box. That would make the category longer than any% for sure since I think you would have to fight Freddy at least once, possibly twice.

Of course since there is no official category or rules, you can tackle it whichever way you'd like!

I wonder though, for Pacifist, are you required to hit all boss skips for the run to be completed? Would that include Freddy? Nothing says true pacifist like skipping the spawn of the final boss and letting him get away haha.

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thanks PaulSaltine for the reply. I already did both runs and because of the unavoidable coffee pick up before the highschool and did both runs with coffee pickups. can you skip the last freddy fight? well . I will upload both runs today and see what is the next step/rules to be follow.

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For Low% I'd say the coffee and boomboxes are allowed, but the Powerups (Ninja, Wizard, Athlete) would be banned. So it's basically Punch% which sounds just awful. I'll make the category if you really want it.

Pacifist I'd say you probably skip the boss rush Including freddy which is scary because you're 1 pixel away from ruining the run. And you need to do it like 6 times. Not however skipping the Freddy fight will softlock the game and you cannot reach the credits.

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cool. I did a low%/punch% without coffe/boombox pickups besides the unavoidable one on the basement of highschool. for powerups is like the same. there is one unavoidable on the graveyard before the boss fight so as long as I dont use them should be ok. never seen the freddy skip. I always end up softlocking the game so I might keep that fight to finish the game and if skips dont work it will be punch% for boss fight. will give it a go to pacifist today and submit the runs. thanks for the input.

New York, USA

There has been a lot of interest in the Low% and Pacifist runs. I plan on tackling these challenges myself (and hopefully completing them!), but was wondering if the rules could be updated for those categories to answer a few of the questions.

I am happy to have a full discussion of the wording unless you all are happy to come up with something on your own. I'm glad this game is getting a lot of attention lately & more love than it did when it came out!

Newfoundland, Canada

What exactly are your questions or concerns?

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