Guide for boss rush skip
7 years ago
Maine, USA

I posted a guide in the guide section to skip all of the bosses in the boss rush. If you have any questions please feel free to discuss them here.

You CAN skip Freddy too, but it causes a softlock.

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Best time I've done all skips is 48.5s, while best time for all bosses is 90s by Canataloupeme. Should give you a perspective on how much this new strategy can save you.

EDIT: So I went to look back at TheStrahl's video from Feb 10, 2014 (), at 26:55 you can see where he went backwards on the wrong pixel giving him 2 more heads to fight.

Then we go 30+ months later and I accidentally do the same thing () at 0:16 very closely you'll see me wiggle back while in the air on the correct pixel, this allowed me to skip the ghost boss fight. Less than a day TheStrahl figured out all the correct pixel spots to skip the bosses in the boss rush.

Great find to a 25+ yr old game, something the TASers didn't even see.

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Newfoundland, Canada

So, what's the highest number of boss battles you've had to do during boss rush? I was just unlucky enough to spawn SEVEN ghost Freddy fights. Legit thought I had softlocked and was going to reset.

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Maine, USA

Oh wow... I've gotten 3 on a mess up before. I';m not really sure what causes it.

Newfoundland, Canada

To add to this...

I tried intentionally softlocking the Freddy fight since I wasn't going to PB. I didn't know which pixel it was so I was trying out a few throughout several runs tonight. I found the pixel but walked one pixel past it. Not sure what "normally" softlocking the game looks like, but this is how I did it:


Wow never seen a different boss spawn there. On right pixel he just wont spawn and you cant finish the game

Newfoundland, Canada

Yeah that's what I thought would happen. For the head+hand fight there, I think I was doing damage to the glove while Freddy head was still alive, I wonder if I finished the hand first if I would have been able to finish the boss.

Maine, USA

That's a really neat interaction. My guess is that the wrong pixel loads the previous boss and due to the location it only loads one hitbox because it think it's freddy?

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