Boop Patch

Contains a patch for versions DLC 2.2+ allowing those versions to perform exploits with the Boop emote as seen in DLC 2.1. Installation instructions are included. (direct download)

By EpicYoshiMasterEpicYoshiMaster


A program that standardizes performing lag strats across all PC hardware, allowing one to lag with the push of a button on your keyboard or controller. For DLC 1.5, DLC 2.1 and DLC 2.550. User instructions included. (direct download)

By doesthisusernamedoesthisusername

IGT Restorer

A program that fixes the timer going back to 0 after beating Finale and re entering the file. Only useful for DLC categories. For DLC 2.1 and DLC 2.32 (aka 110% patch). (direct download)

By SunglassesEmojiSunglassesEmoji

In-Game Timer Fix

Contains a patch for the in-game timer, preventing inconsistencies and hardware timeloss throughout the run by standardizing load-ins. For DLC 1.5, DLC 2.1, and DLC 2.2+. Installation instructions included. (direct download)

By doesthisusernamedoesthisusername

Level Practice Keys

Contains keybind combinations to instantly access every level in the game, allowing for more efficient practice. Also contains the essential binds for practicing levels in general. User instructions included. (direct download)

By DokaDoka


110% File

Has all 56 timepieces, all 114 stamps, all flairs, and all stickers. (direct download)

By DokaDoka

All Rifts File

Starts at the Mafia Town spawn, has all Time Pieces except for the Rifts collected, has all badges, has watched all "Time Rift Detected" cutscenes, also has the Death Wish Rift Collapses and Community Rifts unlocked. Used for running base game all rifts, and all rifts with DLC. (direct download)

By DokaDoka

Any% Individual World Files

IW Files so you can practice each chapter of the Any% run. Contains Saves for both Toilet Route and Murder Route. (direct download)

By Shiny_PokesShiny_Pokes, AveryMasulaAveryMasula

Any% Saves (Pre-DLC)

Save files for each Time Piece in the old Any% route. (direct download)

By wooferzfgwooferzfg

Deathwish File

(MAKE SURE TO MAKE THIS FILE READ-ONLY) NG+ Deathwish File required for all categories/subcategories of Deathwish runs. (Updated to have all badges, hat flairs, loadout and now has all timepieces for current all stamps run) (external link)

By flarebearflarebear, DokaDoka, doesthisusernamedoesthisusername, ZandricoZandrico

Nyakuza Metro Start

20 time pieces, ice hat + dweller hat crafted, alpine door unlocked (direct download)

By sonicyellowsonicyellow


Blank Splits - Updated 4/6/2020

Contains updated blank splits for almost every category. (direct download)

By DokaDoka, HatFortyFour