LevelFirst place
Mafia Town - Welcome to Mafia Town
Mafia Town - Barrel Battle
Mafia Town - She Came from Outer Space
Mafia Town - Down with the Mafia!
Mafia Town - Heating up Mafia Town
Mafia Town - Cheating the Race
Mafia Town - The Golden Vault
Mafia Town - Time Rift - Mafia of Cooks
Mafia Town - Time Rift - Sewers
Mafia Town - Time Rift - Bazaar
Battle of the Birds - Dead Bird Studio
Battle of the Birds - Picture Perfect
Battle of the Birds - Murder on the Owl Express
Battle of the Birds - The Big Parade
Battle of the Birds - Train Rush
Battle of the Birds - Award Ceremony
Battle of the Birds - Finale
Battle of the Birds - Time Rift - Dead Bird Studio
Battle of the Birds - Time Rift - The Owl Express
Battle of the Birds - Time Rift - The Moon
Subcon Forest - Contractual Obligations
Subcon Forest - The Subcon Well
Subcon Forest - Toilet of Doom
Subcon Forest - Queen Vanessa's Manor
Subcon Forest - Mail Delivery Service
Subcon Forest - Your Contract Has Expired
Subcon Forest - Time Rift - Sleepy Subcon
Subcon Forest - Time Rift - Pipe
Subcon Forest - Time Rift - Village
Alpine Skyline - Birdhouse
Alpine Skyline - Twilight Bell
Alpine Skyline - The Lava Cake
Alpine Skyline - The Windmill
Alpine Skyline - The Illness Has Spread
Alpine Skyline - Time Rift - Alpine Skyline
Alpine Skyline - Time Rift - Twilight Bell
Alpine Skyline - Time Rift - Curly Tail Trail
Time's End - The Finale
The Spaceship - Time Rift - Gallery
The Spaceship - Time Rift - Mailroom
The Spaceship - Time Rift - Tour
Arctic Cruise - Bon Voyage!
Arctic Cruise - Ship Shape
Arctic Cruise - Rock the Boat
Arctic Cruise - Time Rift - Deep Sea
Arctic Cruise - Time Rift - Balcony
Nyakuza Metro - Pink Paw Station
Nyakuza Metro - Pink Paw Manhole
Nyakuza Metro - Bluefin Tunnel
Nyakuza Metro - Yellow Overpass Station
Nyakuza Metro - Yellow Overpass Manhole
Nyakuza Metro - Green Clean Station
Nyakuza Metro - Green Clean Manhole
Nyakuza Metro - Rush Hour
Nyakuza Metro - Time Rift - Rumbi Factory
Community Rift - Rhythm Jump Studio
Community Rift - Twilight Travels
Community Rift - The Mountain Rift
Death Wish - Beat the Heat
Death Wish - So You're Back from Outer Space
Death Wish - Collect-a-thon
Death Wish - Vault Codes in the Wind
Death Wish - Encore! Encore!
Death Wish - Rift Collapse - Mafia of Cooks
Death Wish - Security Breach
Death Wish - The Great Big Hootenanny
Death Wish - 10 Seconds Until Self-Destruct
Death Wish - Killing Two Birds
Death Wish - Rift Collapse - Dead Bird Studio
Death Wish - Boss Rush
Death Wish - Breaching the Contract
Death Wish - Rift Collapse - Sleepy Subcon
Death Wish - Bird Sanctuary
Death Wish - Wound-up Windmill
Death Wish - Rift Collapse - Alpine Skyline
Death Wish - Rift Collapse - Deep Sea
Death Wish - Mustache Gauntlet
Death Wish - No More Bad Guys
Death Wish - Seal the Deal
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