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See title. Two more games to choose from. Oh, the joy!



It came to our attention that the Rev A version of Shooting Gallery only works on emulator and does not work on hardware—regardless of use of EverDrive/PowerPak flashcart or an original Action 52 cart—and will crash after the first level or when attempting to return to the main game menu. So far as I can tell this only happens on Rev A and not Standard, but playing on Standard is significantly slower than Rev A so any runner who uses it would be penalized.

This game does not look like it would be competitive due to its design/nature, and we don't want to have emulator-only categories, so we're going to remove the Shooting Gallery category.

Here is an example of the bizarre behaviour exhibited on hardware:

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This is a short post for visibility. Two new moderators have been added to the board: zarc0nis and me. We're going to take over all responsibilities for maintaining the Action 52 (NES) leaderboard.

We are currently going through all existing runs and retiming them and adding millisecond pre

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