Auto Masher Mod
3 months ago

So, in the resources there is an automasher mod. Would runs using this be verified or not? It is an auto masher but its also a changed file.

United States

It's allowed, and​ recommended

The other automashers require either​ task manager to be managed well, or autohotkey, which not all people have. Ners's mod is your best bet, as It allows you to map the automasher in the menu and turn it off easily.

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New Jersey, USA

I'm confused, why is automasher allowed?? In Undertale it's a pretty significant portion of skill in running the game, would it not be the same for this?

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Automasher is allowed because this is a fan game that's easily moddable for everyone, and, mashing text sucks.

The reason it's disallowed in Undertale is because people have many different platforms they play on, giving PC users an unfair advantage. That's not the only reason though, I'm sure. If you want a better answer you can join the Discord (if you haven't already) or join the Undertale Discord and ask there.